Thursday, 11 June 2015


SHORTS, boots & SUNGLASSES: topshop - blazer & bag: vintage - belt: primark - top: zara
Photography by Megan Ward

I saw a similar style short to these on instagram a few weeks back and could think about little other than how I was going to get them on my body, right where they belonged! So, I proceeded to do what I do best and stalk the entire internet and every store that I could find until I came up with a short that would fill that denim void in my life.  

You're probably thinking, "hey it's summer, surely finding a pair of denim shorts would be a simple enough task" . . .  well you're wrong! I searched high and low and could come up with little (no pun intended) other than hotpants and glorified knickers! Which I wasn't exactly feeling, largely because flashing in public just ain't my kinda thing . . . not any more at least. 

Anyhow, long story short (ya see what I did there), I finally bagged this pair from Topshop, which, minus a few rips and a little distressing are exactly what I was on the hunt for. I'll wear these with a boyfriend sweater, trainers and a top knot on those days when heels won't suffice.

Laura x x x


  1. love the style of the shorts! really love loose denim shorts compared to the more shorted ones

  2. love love love


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