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Monday, 15 September 2014


Skirt: red herring @ debenhams - shirt: topshop - cap: asos - backpack: primark - trianers: nike @ office
Photographs by Megan Ward

I've found myself drawn to anything pleated lately. 

Flowy pleated skirts (midi, maxi or bum skimming minis) with oversized knits will be my A/W uniform. However, I'm a little unsure how I'll achieve this without seeming repetitive . . . that said, a band tee and a biker jacket might work equally well.

What will you be wearing this season? 

Laura x x x

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Turban or not Turban

playsuit/shirt: topshop - jacket/turban: asos - dr marten boots - scarf: H&M - bag: vintage
Photographs by Megan Ward

I snapped up this turban from Asos, thinking it was a cool substitute for a beanie. My partner didn't respond as I hoped when I did my daily "do you like my outfit" twirl . . . it went a little like this . . . 

Me; "do you like my outfit?" . . . 
him: "that's ni . . . what the fuck is that on your head!?"
Me: "it's a turban" (quite poudly)
him: "but you're not . . . Sikh?"
Me: (quite angrily) "IT'S A TURBAN! IT'S NICE!!"
Him: "ok . . . yes, it's . . . nice . . . " 
Me: Gives him burning stare, daring him to insult my beautiful baby turban one more time. He doesn't so I exit the room and go straight to the mirror to converse with turban and confirm how fabulous turban is . . .

Men just don't get it sometimes *sighs

Laura x x x

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Quilted leather skirt

Skirt/coat/bracelets: primark - shirt: topshop - boots: asos - watch: Michael kors - bag: vintage
Photography by Megan Ward

When I bought these boots I hadn't really any idea how I was going to style them or if I even owned anything I could style them with, but purchased them anyway, knowing that they would come in handy some day. And here they are two years later . . . yes you read that correctly! TWO YEARS later, making they're debut. What a MASSIVE amount of time to wait before breaking out new shoes . . . I honestly don't know how I held out so long.

My skirt and coat are both primark. I swear, that store has seriously up'd they're game this last few seasons! I only used to shop in there for basics, but recently I find myself gleefully scooting around the store in astonishment at all the fabulous clothes (and prices), snatching up anything in my size before someone else gets them! It can be quite stressful  . . . 

OH! And what do you think of ma new huuuur!!? If you follow me on INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK you will already know that I took the plunge and went blonde.  I have a seriously unhealthy attachment to my hair, and my nerves were absolutely wrecked! But I'm kinda loving it.

Hope you like, Laura x x x
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