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Saturday, 17 October 2015


Coat: *Target dry - Bag: Fjallraven Kanken - Boots: Dr Martens - Jeans & top: primark
Photographs by Megan Ward

Rolling into uni soaked to the bone, and having to spend the rest of the day in tutorials and lectures, whilst simultaneously shivering and cursing the onset of a cold, is a scenario that I am, unfortunately, all too familiar with. 

What's that I hear you say? You too have had to endure such a crappy ordeal!? Well no more! Yup, I'm being that dramatic. Discomfort can really hinder a girl's education, and ain't nobody got time for that s**t! So, to prepare for the onslaught of rain (which I'm pretty certain will come our way any day now), and to avoid all of the above hassle, go check out local company Target Dry and invest in that waterproof / windproof goodness and some of that classic fleekness!

You can thank me later. kisses!

Laura x x x

Items marked with an * are gifted. However, all opinions expressed within this post are my own as remaining honest with my readers and giving them a true view of a product is of the utmost importance to me as a blogger. 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


dress: oh my love - tee: topshop - boots: Dr martens - bag: primark - sunglasses: eBay
Photographs by Megan Ward

 A few weeks back the lovely Elizabeth of Style fruits UK asked if I would like to take part in their "Pastel me pretty" blogger competition. As you can probably guess from the title, entrants were required to submit a look with a pastel theme, which is a daunting task for a gal who cringes at anything super girly! But I accepted the challenge, and when I spied this Oh my love slip dress in the topshop sale I knew I found the perfect garment! Pastel, but with the flexibility to grunge it up a little! And here you have it! My translation of "pastel me pretty".

BUT with uni sucking the (social) life outta me this past few weeks my entry is quite late and I've a lot of catching up to do in the voting! So if you like this look then please be a darling and vote for me HERE!

Thank ya!

Laura x x x

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Turban or not Turban

playsuit/shirt: topshop - jacket/turban: asos - dr marten boots - scarf: H&M - bag: vintage
Photographs by Megan Ward

I snapped up this turban from Asos, thinking it was a cool substitute for a beanie. My partner didn't respond as I hoped when I did my daily "do you like my outfit" twirl . . . it went a little like this . . . 

Me; "do you like my outfit?" . . . 
him: "that's ni . . . what the fuck is that on your head!?"
Me: "it's a turban" (quite poudly)
him: "but you're not . . . Sikh?"
Me: (quite angrily) "IT'S A TURBAN! IT'S NICE!!"
Him: "ok . . . yes, it's . . . nice . . . " 
Me: Gives him burning stare, daring him to insult my beautiful baby turban one more time. He doesn't so I exit the room and go straight to the mirror to converse with turban and confirm how fabulous turban is . . .

Men just don't get it sometimes *sighs

Laura x x x

Sunday, 1 September 2013

She can't sing, she can't dance, but who cares, she dresses like Rihanna

Boots: Dr Martens - shorts & tee: Rihanna for river island - hat: river island - necklace: topshop
Photographs by Megan Ward

I went a wee bit mad in the sales a few weeks back, it was just after my b-day and I meant to share the haul with you, but my computer kicked the bucket (as you know), preventing me from doing so! But don't worry, I will be wearing alot of it in the coming weeks.

These shorts and tee are both Rihanna for river island, and I got them both for £20! . . . £20!! The shorts were originally £50 (which I never would've paid, considering the sun only makes an appearance 3 days a year here in Ireland) and the tee was £25, so I made a pretty good saving on the two. I love that the shirt is attached to the shorts, it's lazy styling I know, but they are just beaut! And I may have a go undoing the stitch and using them separately. 

Hope you like x x x

P.s I'm not really that bad a dancer! At least I seem to think so . . . my friends might disagree . . .

Sunday, 27 January 2013

A stroke of luck

Jacket: vintage - shorts and jumper: topshop - boots: dr martens - hat and bag: primark

Hello . . . me. This is a little awkward . . . very first post on my baby blog which means that essentially i'm writing/talking to myself. If however you happened to have stumbled across my little blog then thank you for taking the time to stay and read!!

I've gone all 90's grunge with the camo and acid wash denim with this look. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my camo jacket which I got from ebay at such a great price . . . and speaking of great prices I had a massive stroke of luck today. I have been lusting after the topshop unique hiker boots (below) since forever, but couldn't justify paying £120 at christmas time (when I should be funding santas arrival) and today I found them in a charity shop!! in my size!! And wait for it . . . at £6!! BEST DAY EVER. Can't wait to style these bad boys.

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