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Monday, 15 September 2014


Skirt: red herring @ debenhams - shirt: topshop - cap: asos - backpack: primark - trianers: nike @ office
Photographs by Megan Ward

I've found myself drawn to anything pleated lately. 

Flowy pleated skirts (midi, maxi or bum skimming minis) with oversized knits will be my A/W uniform. However, I'm a little unsure how I'll achieve this without seeming repetitive . . . that said, a band tee and a biker jacket might work equally well.

What will you be wearing this season? 

Laura x x x

Saturday, 2 August 2014


Trainers: Nike air 90 Gs

I'm currently sat in my room surrounded by mountains of clothes, trying to decide what to pack for my three week trip to Australia. I'm off on Monday evening and still have soooo much to do! Perpetually leaving things til the last minute is what I do best . . . *she says with great annoyance.

Anyway, on to the trainers . . . I had been on the hunt for a pair of all white Nike air's for a good six months (minimum!), but they had been constantly sold out and no other trainer measured up to how fly these babies are. But just as hope was dwindling . . . BAM!! Office stocks up, and after a (very intense) 72 hour wait I had these beauties on ma feet!

I'm a wee bit happy about it . . . can you tell!?

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