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Sunday, 7 September 2014


skirt and shoes: topshop - shirt: thrifted - bag: vintage - jacket: asos
Photographs by Megan Ward

The excitement I experience in thrift stores could be perceived as a little unusual. But in place where you can score one off (often vintage) goodies for mere buttons is in my books, defs something to get excited about. Case in point: this cobalt blue shirt, for the grand old price a £2 it was an easy, no questions asked purchase. 

The cost per wear on this beauty is going to be great!

Laura x x x

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Pretty in pink

Skirt/boots: topshop - shirt: asos - jumper: primark - bag: thrifted
Photographs by Megan Ward

If you follow me on INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK you will have already been introduced to these fab shoes and bag. I had been on the lookout for A simple/classic bag for a while now, so was pretty delighted to snap up this beauty for £5 in my local charity shop . . . Score!! (Excuse me for being so boastful about it, but you may have noticed that it's common practise for me when I snag a bargain.)

Today I was a very obedient fashionista. In keeping with the A/W trend I pulled out this topshop invert pleat flippy skirt. It's so girly and pretty, not something I'm usually drawn to. Admittedly when I first bought it (last year some time) my instincts were to pair it with something masculine/grungy, so I reached for a band tee to balance out the feminine feel. I clearly wasn't feeling this way today, I went the whole nine yards and girlied the fuck outta that skirt! Apologies for the language! I forgot myself for a second . . . I'm supposed to be a lady! (for today at least).

Hope you like, Laura x x x
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