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Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Jacket: Boohoo - Sweater: Asos (similar here) - Jeans: River Island (similar here) - Bag: Mango (similar here) - Boots: Topshop

Photography by Megan Ward

Like every new year before, I saw this one roll in with a barrage of new year, new me promises. And whilst I'm not one to partake in such nonsense *(note disdain due to my lack of success with previous attempts) I was intrigued when the lovely people at BOOHOO asked if I'd like to take part in their new year fashion resolution campaign.

If you're anything like the Laura of new year's past, then you will be well into the breaking of your resolutions . . . it's OK fam, step into the circle of trust and let it all out, ain't no judgement here, for I am the queen of breaking resolutions and I feel you! It's just too bloody hard to stick to sometimes. 

But, put a fashion spin on that challenge and I'm all ears. So, for my new year's fashion resolution,

I will wear . . . more staple pieces.

Let's be honest here, we've all made the mistake of  feeding into those ridiculous, short lived trends for which we find ourselves looking back, totally perplexed at our fashion choices (silver leggings anyone??). This not only puts a dent in our ego but our bank balance too. So this year I resolve to purchase only items that have longevity, that will serve as a staple in my wardrobe. And the first port of call was this gorgeous biker jacket, that will not only suit many an outfit, but many a season too.

Laura x x x

Thursday, 11 June 2015


SHORTS, boots & SUNGLASSES: topshop - blazer & bag: vintage - belt: primark - top: zara
Photography by Megan Ward

I saw a similar style short to these on instagram a few weeks back and could think about little other than how I was going to get them on my body, right where they belonged! So, I proceeded to do what I do best and stalk the entire internet and every store that I could find until I came up with a short that would fill that denim void in my life.  

You're probably thinking, "hey it's summer, surely finding a pair of denim shorts would be a simple enough task" . . .  well you're wrong! I searched high and low and could come up with little (no pun intended) other than hotpants and glorified knickers! Which I wasn't exactly feeling, largely because flashing in public just ain't my kinda thing . . . not any more at least. 

Anyhow, long story short (ya see what I did there), I finally bagged this pair from Topshop, which, minus a few rips and a little distressing are exactly what I was on the hunt for. I'll wear these with a boyfriend sweater, trainers and a top knot on those days when heels won't suffice.

Laura x x x

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