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Sunday, 24 May 2015


shoes: topshop (old) - jeans: asos - tee: h&m (old) - coat*: target dry - bag: vintage
Photography by Megan Ward

Don't you just love it when you can finally wear your fave sandals without freezing half to death and subsequently contracting frostbite!? . . . yes, me too. But then the weather does a complete u-turn and you suddenly find yourself battling gale force winds and rain showers of biblical proportions. 

If you're not from Ireland or the UK then you probably have little empathy for the difficult task that 'dressing for the weather' can be. You wake up and the sun's blazing in the sky, so you do a happy dance (obviously), throw on the smallest clothes you can find and waltz out the door like no-ones business. An hour later it's pelting down, and you're doing the walk of shame whilst the local 'know it alls' mutter under their breath about how they "hope they get the weather you're expecting". I've done that shameful walk on several occasions, so when local company Target Dry asked if I'd like to choose a piece from their collection, well, who was I to say no!?

I went with this very classic piece, known as the Cheltenham. And besides being totally gorge, this coat is windproof, waterproof and just great quality. So basically every girls back up plan to the unpredictable weather that us Irish folk have the displeasure of dealing with.

You can check out target dry's full website here. Do have a look, not just because their products are fab quality, but because supporting local business is super important.

Laura x x x

Items marked with an * are gifted. However, all opinions expressed within this post are my own as remaining honest with my readers and giving them a true view of a product is of the utmost importance to me as a blogger. 

Sunday, 7 September 2014


skirt and shoes: topshop - shirt: thrifted - bag: vintage - jacket: asos
Photographs by Megan Ward

The excitement I experience in thrift stores could be perceived as a little unusual. But in place where you can score one off (often vintage) goodies for mere buttons is in my books, defs something to get excited about. Case in point: this cobalt blue shirt, for the grand old price a £2 it was an easy, no questions asked purchase. 

The cost per wear on this beauty is going to be great!

Laura x x x

Sunday, 22 June 2014


blazer & bag: vintage - shorts, shoes & tee: topshop - watch: Michael Kors
Photographs by Megan Ward

Walking into a store to purchase a magazine you're actually in is pretty surreal experience! A feeling that I was lucky enough to acquaint myself with this month, after Ireland's very own ( and very fabulous) Xpose' magazine invited me to take part in their "How we wear it" feature.

Each month the feature showcases Irish bloggers rocking a particular theme, this months being: "summer in the city". I translated this with some masculine tailoring and tough grunginess, with a little femininity thrown in for good measure.

The mag is currently available in store, and as well as featuring little old me, has some great fashion and beauty bits too! But be warned ladies . . . reading may result in an impromptu shopping spree! 

Love, Laura x x x

Saturday, 26 April 2014


shirt: topshop - shorts: zara - shoes: topshop - bag: vintage - watch: Michael kors - bracelet: primark
Photographs by Megan Ward

I bagged this shirt only last week and have worn it 4 times since. It's 4 sizes too big and makes for the perfect boyfriend style fit, and is quickly climbing the ranks to becoming my fave thing to wear! It's surely one of the most versatile garments I own.

This paired with the relaxed short made for the perfect Easter Sunday look. loose enough to hide a food baby (and one too many easter eggs) too, which of course is always a bonus! I added a few gold accessories and my topshop gladiator sandals for a little edge and to throw off the preppy vibe that shirts can create.  I switched to a nude ballet flat later in the evening, which also worked equally well.

Megan and I were on our way home when we spied this gorgeous cherry blossom tree growing out from the foot path. And being the slap-happy dedicated people that we are, we stopped for a few extra snaps, and a little involuntary flashing on Megan's behalf. I'll say no more.

Hope ya like, Laura x x x

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Topshop gladiator sandals

Dress: minkpink - hat: river island - shoes: topshop - bag: zara
Photographs by Megan Ward

Summer is officially over here in Ireland, but the weather has managed to hold up this last few weeks, allowing me to bust out ma bare legs and sandals! (I may have spoke too soon though, it's raining cats and dogs as I type!) I'm so jealous of anyone who lives in continuous hot climates. Don't get me wrong, I love layering but pairing EVERY leggy outfit with tights is soooo boooring.

Anywho, what do you make of these shoes!? Topshop took the words "gladiator sandal" quite seriously when they created these beauties, I love the lace up detail and that they are heels but not at all sexy. Only a fashion gal could love these babies, they're gorgeous, but in an ugly kind of way . . . do you get me?

Hope you like, Laura x x x

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