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Monday, 26 May 2014


skirt, sweater & necklace: topshop - boots: zara - bag: vintage - rings: hm
Photographs by Megan Ward

I've developed a new found love for the simplicity of wrap skirts. Pop on, pop off . . .  too easy. The architectural design of this topshop boutique one set it apart from last years galore of wrap skirts, and made me love it enough to purchase. An unforeseen issue arose whilst wearing it though, that little cut out section has a tendency to travel, making flashing a little thigh, (potentially) flashing a little somethin else . . . the moral to the story being; wrap skirts with cut outs are fun, but risky business. Purchase with caution.

Also, the weather's being an unpredictable moody bitch again, so it was back to the knitwear for me.

Laura x x x

Thursday, 27 February 2014


Coat: primark - skirt: zara - shoes and sweater: topshop
Photographs by Megan Ward

Hiya guys! Haven't I just been THE.WORST.BLOGGER.EVER!? Yes, I have, and god have I missed you! Between uni and my memory card having a hissy fit I have been ready for the loony bin this past fortnight, but assignments have been handed in and the memory card situation resolved, so, I'm back and promise not to abandon you like that again!

This look is a typical uni outfit, stylish but comfy. Everything but the coat was purchased in the January sales. I swear these (Topshop award) boots are the best , they're so comfy and go with everything and also very 90's, which I love. Rocking a scrunchie too (holy f**k, whoever thought they'd make a comeback) to tie the look together.

Hope ya like, Laura x x x

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