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Monday, 26 May 2014


skirt, sweater & necklace: topshop - boots: zara - bag: vintage - rings: hm
Photographs by Megan Ward

I've developed a new found love for the simplicity of wrap skirts. Pop on, pop off . . .  too easy. The architectural design of this topshop boutique one set it apart from last years galore of wrap skirts, and made me love it enough to purchase. An unforeseen issue arose whilst wearing it though, that little cut out section has a tendency to travel, making flashing a little thigh, (potentially) flashing a little somethin else . . . the moral to the story being; wrap skirts with cut outs are fun, but risky business. Purchase with caution.

Also, the weather's being an unpredictable moody bitch again, so it was back to the knitwear for me.

Laura x x x

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

DIY: veiled beanie

As sported by Bryan boy, Rihanna, Anna dello Russo and many more fabulous fashiontas, the veiled beanie is fast becoming THE must have accessory. And for something that can be created for a few dollas, I say, get on it!! To make your own, simply follow the instructions below . . .

You will need:
  • A beanie (I got mines HERE)
  • Hat veiling (get it HERE)
  • scissors
  • needle and thread
  • 2 pins

First lay the veiling flat (mines was long enough to double over) and place your hat on top, three quarters of the way down. Then pulling (ruching) the veiling together at the ends, pin them in place as shown (I pinned mines at an angle as I wanted it to sit asymmetrically). Remember not to place the ends too close together as it may make it tight and uncomfortable.

Once the pins are secure, try the hat on. The veiling may sit a little high, you can adjust it simply by pulling it down over your face.

Once you are happy with the position of the veil remove the hat and begin sewing. It is a good idea to weave in and out of the spaces in the veiling (a few times) to ensure that it is secure.

When the stitch is secure, knot the ends and cut any spare thread. Once you have done this, it will look something like the one below . . .

And voila . . . you have your own veiled beanie for less than a fiver!

Hope you like my lovelies, Laura x x x

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Quilted leather skirt

Skirt/coat/bracelets: primark - shirt: topshop - boots: asos - watch: Michael kors - bag: vintage
Photography by Megan Ward

When I bought these boots I hadn't really any idea how I was going to style them or if I even owned anything I could style them with, but purchased them anyway, knowing that they would come in handy some day. And here they are two years later . . . yes you read that correctly! TWO YEARS later, making they're debut. What a MASSIVE amount of time to wait before breaking out new shoes . . . I honestly don't know how I held out so long.

My skirt and coat are both primark. I swear, that store has seriously up'd they're game this last few seasons! I only used to shop in there for basics, but recently I find myself gleefully scooting around the store in astonishment at all the fabulous clothes (and prices), snatching up anything in my size before someone else gets them! It can be quite stressful  . . . 

OH! And what do you think of ma new huuuur!!? If you follow me on INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK you will already know that I took the plunge and went blonde.  I have a seriously unhealthy attachment to my hair, and my nerves were absolutely wrecked! But I'm kinda loving it.

Hope you like, Laura x x x

Monday, 9 September 2013

Silk runner shorts

Shirt & hat: primark - cami & shoes: topshop - shorts: topshop boutique - bag - Zara
Photographs by Megan Ward

I am a sucker for a good runner short, especially, I might add, when they are such a striking colour AND 100% silk! Don't however come under the misapprehension that because I wear these that I am a "runner" or by any stretch of the imagination "fit". I can assure you I am not, as not only have I paired the so called "runner" shorts with heels, but the idea of tackling a flight of stairs is a somewhat daunting thought for me.

So now that your filled in on my physical incapability's . . . let's talk about the clothes . . .

The shorts and shoes were both eBay purchases, you wouldn't believe, but I got the heels for £5! It's amazing what you come across on eBay when you have your eyes peeled. I couldn't find them as cheap for you, but if you do like them, you can get them HERE for just under £18. The Zara bag was purchased whilst I was in Lanzarote. I had it in my cyber shopping basket for a few weeks previous, and when I saw it on sale I took it as a sign from the fashion gods and snapped it up . . .  I wouldn't want to disappoint them after all.

Hope you like x x x

p.s I love reading your comments, so don't be shy and leave one below :)

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